The Interest Rates Have Risen Sharply

The Interest Rates Have Risen Sharply
Interest rates have risen sharply, but SMEs are borrowing more from banks. However, they are putting additional funds into operation to stay at sea, not to improve their abilities. SMEs generated net debt of Rs111 billion in the eleven months of 2018-19, and according to the Central Bank of Pakistan (SBP) SMEs had a working capital.

Sharp increase in working capital

Their net borrowing was Rs 25 crore from 2017 to 18, and working capital was slightly less than Rs 18 crore. The sharp increase in working capital is due to the increase in operating costs of SMEs as the rupee is weak and inflation is rising. Economic growth slowed to 3.3 percent last year from 5.5 percent last year. It is expected to grow at a much slower rate this year at 2.4pc. This means that SMEs need to make more efforts to strengthen sales.

The SBP expects inflation to rise by an average of 11 to 12 percent this year. The tightening of interest rates continues to check inflation. In addition, SBP faithfully implements the flexible exchange rate regime determined by the market under strict supervision of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Therefore, the Rupee may decline further as the external imbalance has not disappeared. All this means that the working capital needs of SMEs outstrip the funding requirements for fixed investment.

Chinese SMEs with better management skills and advanced technology are expected to start operations in Pakistan. Local SMEs will face even more intense competition in the near future. In this situation, capacity building and technological development are key to survival. However, there are no banks that offer enough loans to SMEs for fixed investment. Chinese SMEs are expected to compete with Pakistan.

The time has come for the government to introduce a long - awaited SME policy. However, the UK-funded Pakistani company Karandaz has secured $ 23.7 million from overseas to invest in the current financial year, and IFC will invest $ 2.5 million to support technology-led start-ups is. These will help prepare small businesses for future growth.

Economic growth increase

But will interest rate cuts and slowing economic growth increase the number of bad loans (NPLs) to hinder the generous distribution of local bank lending among SMEs? Can the small business or whole business class run smoothly as the political confrontation grows? The NPL as a percentage of infection or as a percentage of total bank loans is the highest among SMEs, 16.4% of March 2019 and 16.1% of infamous agricultural sectors. Therefore, the banking industry in general needs to be cautious about long-term, fixed investment, particularly in SME loans.

The banking industry is expected to continue to provide short-term working capital for SMEs. During the first 11 months of 2018-19, they lent less than Rs 12 billion to SMEs for a fixed investment of Rs 15 billion in 2017-18. If interest rates had not risen so fast in 2018-19, SMEs would have borrowed more under this head. If banks were not afraid to build up in the NPL, they would have put additional funds on them. During the first 11 months of 2018-19, the bank's net assets to SMEs under trade financing also stagnated.

It also reflects how difficult it is for small businesses to borrow from banks due to high interest rates and how economic growth affects profitability. During the current financial year, SBP will struggle to contain inflation and interest rates will remain higher as the economy slows down further. Therefore, the problem of the SME sector is still far away. In the present situation, SMEs will lose their positions when they enter Pakistan.

Even survivors can be constrained in many cases. Therefore, SMEs need to strengthen their capabilities and innovate their business models. On July 11, a Chinese company delegation met with Prime Minister Imran Khan and was confident to invest $ 5 billion in Pakistan in the next 3-5 years. The delegation represented the fields of construction, machinery, glass, electricity, power, transportation, IT and technology.

As promised funds begin to spill, many SMEs are expected to compete with SMEs in Pakistan after they become part of the upstream and downstream industries of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. The SME sector needs the necessary adjustments. The time has come for the government to introduce a long-awaited SME policy. Business lobbies are already attracting government attention to this matter.

SMEs to compete with China

The key objective of this policy is to enable SMEs to compete with China, India and Bangladesh to contribute to export growth. Another key goal is to help SMEs adopt a forward-looking approach to catering to local markets while maintaining a view of the changing dynamics, quality and consumer choice of urbanization. Most SMEs currently operate in manufacturing and trading, and some are engaged in IT and online business.

There is a need to promote SMEs dedicated to agricultural production and to promote services in the service sector. Especially IT related business. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has stopped all sales tax-registered businesses from discontinuing sales exceeding Rs50,000 (Rs) without receiving a copy of the buyer's CNIC. 

Registered SMEs are afraid to lose business to unregistered competitors, unlike large companies where gray area operators can do this without fearing to give up their brand sales. How wisely will FBR point out that the solution to this problem can be crucial to the growth of SMEs.

Dream of clean cotton

The dream of clean cotton will be difficult to grasp because of the continuing lack of political will of the government, the discouraging attitude of industrialists, and numerous other factors. The problem of cotton pollution has plagued this sector for decades and has caused losses to the nation's excavators and farmers, which cost billions of Rupees per year. I have not succeeded in an attempt to deliberately try to correct the situation. Because the country does not fulfill the standards, we have to pay a lot of money to a foreign consultant to certify cotton export consignment.

In 2002, the Cotton Standards Institute was established to standardize the clean side and later to certify its quality in international markets where minor pollution caused Pakistan Lint to be treated as a grade 3 agricultural product. Growers lose more than Rs 12 crore (Rs) a year because impure lints bring in lower prices. But the proposal of political leaders to turn all funds into orange line metro trains and to train selectors has never progressed.

To encourage growers and careers to produce clean lint, the government proposed a premium. Through the cooperation of the fabric shredder, growers had to pay Rs50 per week (40 kilograms) and pay Rs30 (Rs30). Pakistan's Trading Corporation has promised to buy pure agricultural products if Miller does not do so.

This project occurs two years later

Depending on the requirements of the project, the cotton was moved to an open trolley unit, but those who had dinner complained that the grower had to weigh the cotton by mixing water. Rizwan Chaudhry, ginner, says that it is difficult to determine the moisture percentage of the raw cotton surface when in loose form without packing in the bag. He also insists that Miller does not pay the promised premium. The project revived for two years in 2006, with the federal and Punjab governments paying equal premiums.

Lint is contaminated for the first time in the collection, storage and transport phases. It has traditionally been chosen by untrained women, the main source of pollution. The plastic bags and silk dupatta yarns used to collect the buds are blended with the produce of the flowers as well as the flowers that are pulled out of the hairs and impurities in the spinning, dyeing and subsequent processing.

Leaf pieces, immature hollow horns, stems, flowers, sticks and weeds, garbage and dirt are also part of the produce at the storage and transport stage. To avoid this problem, the Punjab Ministry of Agriculture prepared a proposal for a training picker and offered special clothes to wear when picking cotton horns. Trolleys shall also be provided for the transport of products to the production unit or market.

According to the plan submitted in 2017, at least 416,000 female pickers had to be trained by a master trainer among female officials in the department. However, this proposal has never been out of political leadership. The general impression is that the government is clinging to the Orange Line subway train and raising funds for other projects across the state.

The paper did not sell a penny for the project, and the related documents sit on a bottom-up table that collects dust." "Cotton growers could not even provide a gray cloth on a shelf or tractor trolley to prevent financial losses of more than RM12 billion. It is a separate story that the state loses due to reduced imports due to the export of filthy lint.

According to him

Pure cotton was selected through its own resources, but producers were disappointed if the sawmill did not pay the right price. Despite these difficulties, the expansion wing of the department is seeking intervention and support for cotton-free crops in 2019-20. In a letter to all deputy ministers in the cotton growing area, Director Anjum Ali Buttar asked women executives to educate pickers and update their knowledge of other new agents.

While female farmers and on-site assistants are maximizing participation and awareness for this purpose, each female officer has been assigned to perform at least 15 training sessions during the ongoing cotton season. The deputy director was asked to submit the latest training schedule and orientation seminar schedule by July 31.

In the meantime, standard operating procedures for picking, storing and transporting cotton have been prepared and distributed to the relevant authorities. But since everyone is waiting for the fund to withdraw, nothing has been done so far, and official consensus on development has been revealed.

The Annual Monsoon Season Comes Back to us

The Annual Monsoon Season Comes Back to us
The annual monsoon season comes back to us with the initial effect of bringing memorable memories of the past floods. It began this year with heavy rain and urban flooding in the southern areas, including Karachi, the largest city of the year, and the nearby Hyderabad area. Karachi alone has lost more than 20 valuable lives due to urban flooding and electrocution.

Main part of the port city

The main part of the port city remained without electricity for more than 48 hours. Then I followed the usual criticism game. Federal ministers accused the provincial government of abusing funds provided by the Center, condemning the state to hand over money to the municipal government, and, on the contrary, to a hearing on conscientious objection. Nonetheless, the impact of depression was largely confined to urban areas, not only due to unplanned and unregulated urban development and waterway construction, but also due to poor drainage and sewage systems.

Rain also exposed the weak distribution network of K-Electric (KE) and Hyderabad Electric Supply Company. As the regulator announced a notice raising questions about its performance, civilian power utilities began a process to promote the force majeure, a legal process that protects itself from penalties or adverse actions because of problems caused by force majeure factors. Pakistan lost $ 19 billion in floods between 1947 and 2009 and $ 19 billion in direct losses after the flood in 2010

The regulator dispatched four investigators to Karachi and Hyderabad to "assess the actual situation in relation to recent supply failures and the failure of casualties and other problems," he said. A KE spokesperson said the company is focused on eliminating repair work and bottlenecks as of Friday and is not yet able to quantify the damage to its installation.

Some areas are still underwater and it is difficult to assess how many transformers, feeders, or other equipment need to be repaired or replaced at this stage, he said. Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan have also reported heavy rains that have resulted in the loss of human life and public property. The season is not over yet and it is premature to reach a conclusion.

Weather scientists and the Federal Flood Commission

But given the early warning signs raised by weather scientists and the Federal Flood Commission in early March, it is not unreasonable to find the relevant state and federal agencies and utilities that want to take precautions. This is even more important given the devastation caused by the massive floods in 2010 and the varying degrees of degradation in the following year.

The ministry and major federal government engineering organizations warned parliamentarians in March that they could face a "flood" in the monsoon season because Pakistan is higher than normal snowfall and snowing in mountains or other areas. Climate change this year.

According to the Ministry of Water, Pakistan experienced a loss of $ 19 billion due to floods between 1947 and 2009 and a direct loss of $ 1.9 billion since the 2010 flood due to population growth. The weather forecasts for June and early July coincided with the above ratings until the third week of July when the situation changed due to the tremendous pressure of the Arabian Gulf region.

West wind towards south Asia

Since the beginning of the monsoon in early last month, the National Disaster Management Authority has reported 104 deaths and 83 casualties nationwide. Despite the fact that it killed about 2,000 people in 2010 and fortunately did not continue to develop as if it had interfered with some 20 million people. This time the rainfall was not severe in the northern part. In addition, because the Kharif early water shortage had sufficient storage capacity in the dam.

The Indus River System Authority (Irsa) helped to conserve maximum river flow from the main dam. The heavier but staggering rainfall in the upper watershed was the sacred blessing of the stomach. However, 400 households were affected by KP, several legs were washed down, Chitral roads and water supply were cut off, and a few power plants were damaged.

In Azad Kashmir, 120 houses, 40 shops and two mosques were damaged. In addition, another 182 houses in other areas were damaged in whole or in part. So far, no major losses have been reported to the agricultural sector anywhere except for a small loss after the canal near Hyderabad was damaged. In fact, there was little rainfall in Sindh and Punjab, said a senior official of the National Food Security and Research.

According to Irsa Khalid Idrees Rana's coach operation, there was no abnormality in the river. Instead, he hoped to fill the Mangla dam before the Rabi season through a healthy peak flow of the Jhelum river. What is good about this year's rainfall is that the main rainfall system can take reasonable breaks, allowing for drainage and absorption without damage, unlike continuous precipitation, which causes a sudden flood.

He said that the Tarbela and Mangla dams have a storage capacity of about 16 feet and 50 feet as of August 2nd. A total storage capacity of approximately 9.2 million acres reached 68% of the total capacity. He said the Tarbela dam was filled at 1,534 feet and was being packed at 2 feet per day so that it could follow one foot a day after 1,540 feet, which is currently in line with the dam safety standards.

But the situation at Mangla Dam was not very encouraging. As expected, if there is a lot of rain showers in September, water shortages could be reduced by 5-7%. Otherwise, a shortage of 15-17% is expected.

Human resources expected

There is no excuse for a large-scale loss of life, property, and human resources expected to be seasonal. Claiming for a better governance of the state re-exposed the poor capacity of civil organizations and utilities companies to handle rainfall and power supply issues again. By telephone, all metropolitan executives have blamed the overburdened state and the weak performance of the lack of funds and skills to meet the challenges. Business leaders expressed disgust and disappointment over the government 's ceaseless frustration. 

The PTI leader used this situation to question his succession process, which his comments disprove. Derived wisdom implies monsoon damage, the recovery of affected infrastructure, and the opportunity to recover devastated people are becoming brighter under the reigned government.  Unfortunately the decentralization process that began in 2010 did not follow the natural path of empowering cities, districts and trade unions, despite the high costs of breaking promises.

Municipal authorities blame poor performance for excessive reliance on local governments and lack of funds. Even the inevitable destruction of the predicted monsoon does not mobilize the power to fix the system every year, which leaves the fragile economy of people, businesses and nations at the mercy of nature," the analyst commented. Last week, the constant rains broke the long-awaited storm of central and southern Pakistan and provided relief to non-dependent areas for farmers threatened by drought.

However, the governance fault line has been missed by the collapse of sewerage, transport and electrical infrastructure, and the collapse of mobility of goods and manpower by causing long-term power outages and shutdowns on roads, runways and rail tracks. When irresistible rain broke up and down the supply chain by invading low-lying areas of economic neurological centers such as Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad and Hyderabad, civic groups received no prior consultation I could not.

Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Chief

Pakistan Chamber of Commerce Chief Muhammad Ejaz Abbasi demanded a scientific assessment of the type and intangible losses caused by the monsoon. We are dissatisfied with the membership, and the government, which has already looked at the problems of the business class that has already been emphasized, will not be able to interpret the economy well," he said in a telephone call from Islamabad. Wasim Akhtar The mayor of Karachi sounded gloomy.

It is painful to see my city and its people suffering like this," the sad fact is that nobody is ready to own the city that drives the country's economy, "he said, referring to PPP and PTI. I do not have enough staff, suction pumps and machinery, I have limited jurisdiction, and local governments take over all of the monetization agencies to make us high and dry, and the funds we get from the provinces almost pay for annual salaries and pension liabilities.

I do not have the funds to clear this bill, so we stopped supplying electricity to the head office, and I just hope it will help mitigate the problem. He asserted in favor of a greater succession in the financial, administrative and political spheres in accordance with Article 140-A of the Constitution. Lahore executive and chairman Asif Bilal Lodhi was concerned, but he did not write.

He criticized the overlap of old systems of governance and new systems to add problems at critical points. He also supported the idea of ​​strengthening the lower level of government. He noted that Punjab's new local government law is still in full operation. "A chain of city-level command and control by elected markets can work better for Lahore and its citizens," he said.

Peshawar Administrator Khudai Nazar

Khudai Nazar believes that the situation is moving in the right direction at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. "There is always room for improvement, and we are trying to improve our service delivery by providing a clear chain of command and control and a single point of contact for all citizens' issues in Peshawar," he told Dawn on Peshawar's phone. Quetta executive Tariq Javed Mengal said that local governments are now aiming to strengthen local authorities.

Penetration has made natural sewage dysfunctions, and if we can access scientific and evidence-based research, it will help us to devise more effective strategies," he added. He stressed that it is the government's agenda to improve the sewer system. Fehmida Mirza, Interprovisional Coordinator on the phone, said she was not satisfied with the financially strong local performance.

Why did not they prepare to minimize the fallout of the predicted monsoon rain? To Sind, I can assure you that the government is lacking in will and ability to deliver. They can use more resources, but they do not spend it to meet their needs, and there is no defense against the government that has failed the people in the provinces," he added.

She said the federal government is currently considering ways to strengthen regional cooperation among the provinces to share the financial burden of joint responsibility.

The Government Decision to Curb Used Car Imports

The Government Decision to Curb Used Car Imports
The assemblers of 660-1000cc cars are lucky that the market is now open wide to take advantage of the current decline in used car imports. From 2018 to 2018, the government's decision to curb used car imports has plunged from 518 per cent of car imports to $ 222 million between 2018 and 1918. Used car import share in this category is over 90pc.

Pak Suzuki Motor Company

Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), which owns a 54% stake in the domestic automobile market, has suffered no damage so far with 660-1000cc used car imports. Iconic Suzuki Mehran (800cc) sailed smoothly with imported 660cc used car, such as Daihatsu Mira, Daihatsu Momb, Nissan Day, Nissan Moko, Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Hustler, Daihatsu, Suzuki and Nissan. The 30-year journey of two Mehran models ended in November 2018 and April 2019.

Due to its low maintenance and high resale value, Mehran was able to maintain its position as the best option for first time buyers. But I can not be sure how the car will be competitive in price. It did not exist anywhere else. PSMC has not bothered to change the entire model for the past 30 years, because the car has already had solid demand.

Analysts are expecting only local builders to raise auto prices several times a year because of changes in the exchange rate due to policy changes. The company has not been checked by the ministry concerned because it only introduced changes in appearance. Even with localization of 70pc or more, prices have been increased frequently due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Over the past 30 years, Japan has had to ideally transfer technology for future regional conferences in Pakistan, but it has not. As Kia Motors, Hyundai Motors and some Chinese automobile assembly companies entered the Pakistan market, PSMC released Alto (660cc) instead of Mehran (800cc), maintaining consumer interest in imported 660cc used cars.

Used car imports are already approaching the end

As the only small carmaker to date, PSMC enjoys a dominant position in the 660cc segment (Alto) and the 1,000cc segment (Cultus and WagonR). PSMC has already introduced Cultus automatically. We plan to release an automatic wagon by the end of this year. According to the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers Association, the sales of Cultus and WagonR increased by 22,763 and 32,614, respectively, from 20,483 and 29,206 in 2017-18 and 2018-19, respectively.

Competition will intensify after Kia Motors and Chinese players have entered this sector, assuming anonymity, said a new participant in the Greenfield division. The compact car segment is expected to grow because its revenue has virtually ceased. New entrants also said that many used car buyers will expand this segment when they choose a new regional model, he said.

I think that entry into the market will be driven by new products brought in by new entrants, and prices have gone up for all manufacturers, competition is up to choice and choice," he added. He said that reducing the import of used cars would not prevent competition from new entrants. New entrants will ensure a strong dealer network, spare parts availability, technical services and attractive guarantees, which are not provided by used car importers, he said.

Some analysts fear that used car import

Some analysts fear that used car import controls will strengthen the monopoly power of local assemblers, who raise prices several times each year due to exchange rate movements. Officials said new entrants would actually break existing monopolies or oligopolies. New participants are from Korea and China. Competition gives existing players control. Checking and balancing with used car imports is no longer necessary.

He said new tax measures such as Federal Consumption Tax (FED) and additional tariffs are causing uncertainty and instability. The FED should be removed to immediately stimulate the market," he said. Consumers have welcomed commercial vehicles from Chinese builders, but cars have not attracted buyers so far. China FAW is still struggling because sales figures are not attractive.

Analysts in the automotive sector think that the local assembled Suzuki Alto (660cc) may not match the quality of the imported model. Imported used cars are first taken for dental work and painting work when importing from the country. Market sources say local auto mechanics also manipulate odometer. They add that importers can benefit from some work because the imported car damaged the body.

Regal Automobile Industries

Regal Automobile Industries Ltd plans to launch the Chinese car Prince Pearl (800cc) in September this year. In accordance with the technical cooperation agreement with the Chinese manufacturer, the local assembly of the 800cc vehicle at the Lahore plant will start in the month. KIA is also bringing together locally assembled Picanto (1,000cc) in the coming months. Used car dealers are perplexed as the government's decision to reduce imports turns out to be the last nail in their coffin.

The government has actually shut down options and options for consumers by increasing used car imports," said H.M., president of all Pakistani car dealer associations. Shahzad said. About 95,000 cars belonging to the 660-1,000 cc category, about 34,000 used cars, landed in Pakistan from July 2018 to January 2019, he said. However, from January 15, only 1,800 used cars arrived in Pakistan.

Importers kept new rules and regulations and eliminated about 900 cars. The price of the Suzuki Alto (660cc) will be invisible to the Rs 1.36-1.38 million on August 1 (ie immediately after launch), he said. "This has been the record price rise by PSMC in small cars so far," he added. The government is trying to control foreign exchange by restricting car imports.

He also said local assembly companies should spend $ 818 million to import semi-finished products in 2018-19. He said tax revenues would be possible as second-hand car imports declined. He claimed that the government collected about Rs 100 billion in taxes and duties from 2017 to 1818 on imports of used cars.

Shahzad said

The government should allow commercial imports of used cars if it thinks that baggage, residence transfer and gift plans are being misused. Another way is to import a five-year-old car instead of a three-year-old car. "Under the new policy introduced in January, it is not possible for a used car dealer to import a third-generation vehicle.

The government announced that it needs to send a remittance certificate from the foreign currency of the Pakistani nation or the local recipient for the import under the various schemes for new / used car. Local currency. Remittance of customs duties and taxes must be based on the fact that a Pakistani national sent a vehicle abroad.

US Secretary of State Donald Trump Reaped US $ 7 a Dollar

US Secretary of State Donald Trump Reaped US $ 7 a Dollar
China's decision to overcome previous myths through the appreciation of the yuan implies that it can transform into a trade war, injecting volatility into long-term foreign exchange transactions and putting pressure on the global market. US Secretary of State Donald Trump reaped US $ 7 a dollar for the first time in 11 years in Beijing.

Chinese currency to offset the effects

The willingness to use the Chinese currency to offset the effects of the one-year trade dispute is a huge symbolic, if not economical. China demonstrates its readiness to use its currency as a tool to respond asymmetrically to Trump's collection. In the global market, there has been a new frontier that dramatically increases the volatility of the foreign exchange market after the long-term recession. Especially if other countries try to weaken the currency to escape the global economic downturn.

This is the official currency introduced into the trade war," said Richard Benson, director of portfolio investment at Millennium Global, a foreign exchange asset manager. First of all, what was used in the trade war was monetary stability, which is now a clear and obvious move by Chinese to Trump's customs," Benson added. Benson said it was very difficult to predict where the currency is going. 

Economic fundamentals have said that they will buy dollars, but if Trump is in jeopardy, dollar sales may be boosted again. On Monday, the immediate winners and losers were obvious. Analysts had the largest drop in the yuan since 2015, although this fall has been orderly and the Chinese authorities have indicated that they are comfortable with the move so far.

Sudden loss

Countries with a small and open economy linked to globalization have all seen a sharp decline in the currency. Emerging markets experienced a sharp loss due to Korea's strong KRW, which is sensitive to trade. The safe-haven Japanese yen surged to a seven-month high of 106 yen per dollar. Goldman Sachs advanced the forecast of 103 yen to three months. Japanese monetary diplomats warned investors that Tokyo is ready to intervene, saying an excessive yen appreciation will threaten the export-dependent economy.

Investors say the dramatic fallout to the market depends on how the US responded here. Foreign exchange volatility has risen to its highest level in four months, but it is only half the level of 2016. Trump has taken a number of steps to lower interest rates on unilateral intervention by leaning on the Federal Reserve Board as part of an effort to weaken the dollar.

On Monday, he pinpointed China's "currency manipulation" as a "major violation" that weakened the country over time. He also asked the Federal Reserve Bank, which has been frequently attacking interest rate cuts, "listening.

Much controversial

Most analysts believe that if Trump is scrambling decades of effort to leave the currency market alone, the effect of such an intervention will be very controversial but will not depend on arbitration. Last month, White House spokesman Larry Kudlow said the Trump administration "damped" the intervention but did not hide what the US expects the market to do. James Binny, Global Calls Manager for State Street Global Advisors, said arbitration appears to be more effective as a weapon threat.

If Washington actually intervened, it could be adversely affected given the perceived devaluation of the perplexed financial markets to buy dollar security for investors. According to Citi analysts, the risk of intervention required a 5 percent rise in dollars before it survived. But regardless of whether the US is directly involved or not, the Chinese tsunami fires have a tendency for countries to wean their currencies to maintain economic competitiveness in a world of slowing growth, fund managers say.

For example, policymakers at the European Central Bank say the euro strength is a major driver of monetary policy easing, Reuters reported last week. The Swiss National Bank is likely to boost foreign exchange by pushing the value of its safe-haven franc to a two-year high due to trade tensions.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Monday

He would be forced to develop short-range and medium-range land-based nuclear missiles if the United States began doing so after the breakthrough of the arms control treaty. The United States officially entered into a Treaty on the Middle East Nuclear Agreement (INF) with Russia after it decided that Moscow had violated the Treaty and had already deployed at least one banned type of missile, which the Kremlin denied.

The agreement banned land-based missiles ranging from 310 to 3,400 miles (500-5,500 km), reducing the ability of both countries to initiate a nuclear attack in the short term. After talks with the United Nations Security Council, Putin ordered the Foreign Ministry and the Russian SVR Foreign Intelligence Agency to closely monitor all measures related to the prohibited missile development, production or deployment under the disposal agreement.

Putin said in a statement, "If Russia obtains reliable information that the United States has started to develop and produce such a system, Russia will have no choice but to make a full-scale effort to develop similar missiles. The Russian government, meanwhile, said that Russian threats can offset any threat from the United States through missile and maritime launch systems combined with hypersonic missile development.

He added that Moscow and Washington are now necessary to resume arms control talks and prevent "free" arms race from taking place. In order to avoid confusion without rules or regulations, we must look back on all the dangerous consequences and start a serious and meaningful conversation with no ambiguity," Putin said. Putin issued his statement after the 1987 mid - term nuclear agreement ended on Friday, announcing the intention of the United States to test and deploy weapons forbidden by the treaty.

The United States argued

The United States argued that the withdrawal of Russia was due to violations of the Russian convention. Putin argued that the United States "severely worsened the world situation" in one way and for extreme reasons, and raised fundamental risks for everyone. In a statement, he said that if Russia sees developing and deploying new medium-range missiles, it will closely monitor Washington's actions and respond kindly.

The INF Treaty, signed by US President Ronald Reagan and President Mikhail Gorbachev, banned the production, testing and deployment of ground-based cruise and ballistic missiles in the 500-5,500-kilometer range. Such weapons seemed to be particularly unstable because of the short time it takes to reach a target compared to intercontinental ballistic missiles, thereby increasing the likelihood of a nuclear strike against false alarms.

The United States accused Russia of developing and deploying cruise missiles that violated the terms of the agreement. Russia denied the violation and, in turn, accused it of violating the United States. Putin said Russia will maintain security by relying on future weapons, including the currently active X-101 and Kinzhal missiles, Kalib and Zircon hypersonic missiles carried by submarines and naval vessels.

England Winger Jadon Sancho Defeated Bayern Munich

England Winger Jadon Sancho Defeated Bayern Munich
England winger Jadon Sancho defeated Bayern Munich 6-0 in Borussia Dortmund on Saturday, winning the sixth DFL Super Cup and be proud of the German Bundesliga curtain riser early on Claiming the right. Teens were key goals and Paco Alcacer was recruited by a faithful player in Dortmund, with the exception of goalkeepers Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben.

Dortmund coach Lucien Favre

We wanted to win absolutely in this game but it was very difficult," said Dortmund coach Lucien Favre. "Bayern was very strong and had a lot of things, but we defended well and were very compact. We knew we had to counter-attack and we did it very well. Bayern, who has been involved in the Bundesliga title for last season's Bundesliga and lifted the German Cup, was without Lucas Hernandez, who had a new contract with the left-back in the World Cup due to a knee injury.

Dortmund's Victoria players Thorgen Hazard and Julian Brandt had three seasons in Bayern and injured defender Mats Hummels. Manuel Neuer of Bavaria said there was a costly mistake. We had a game against Dortmund by making too many mistakes," Neuer said. "We all made a mistake, we gave them ownership, so we gave up on that goal.

More than 81,000 fans in Westfalenstadion had little time to settle down when Neuer started playing as an excellent salvation book, denying Dortmund's Marco Reus. The next big chance also fell to Dortmund. Noir was out of the goal and Alcacer pulled the ball wide open. It stood when the fans threw the ball. Alcacer soon compensated for his mistake after half time. Sancho surprised his opponent with the right footwork before pulling the Spanish striker at the edge of the box that found the right corner.

Dortmund's lead doubled to 22 minutes in a clinical attack. Sancho was once more free on the right wing, he busted over four boxes behind Bayern and made Neuer 2-0 with experienced Neuer. Bayern started his league title defense in Hertha Berlin on Friday, August 16, and Dortmund played in Augsburg a day later.

Won the win with a great free kick

Angel Di Maria, a substitute in Paris Saint Germain, won the win with a great free kick, the champions of the League 1 defeated Stadren 2-1 and lifted the French Super Cup in Shenzhen on Saturday to reach Kylian Mbappe. Adrien Hunou won the French Cup championship despite PSG dominance in the first half and Thomas Tuchels could win the second half thanks to Mbappe and Di Maria. PSG's seventh consecutive Super Cup victory is a record for Olympique Lyonnais in 2002-2006.

This means that despite the doubts about the future of playmaker Neymar, it will begin to defend the Ligue 1 title with high mental power. The 27-year-old Brazilian team is returning to Barcelona and is playing at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center Stadium. PSY defender Thilo Kehrer headed the top of the crossbar and Némar managed to surprise Rennes in the 13th minute.

Hunou did not make a mistake when Rennes went beyond Alphonse Areola to the inside of the left thigh and came out with no marker to control Benjamin Bourigeaud's center naturally. It was a rare sight for the French Cup winner to score in the opening 45 minutes, but PSG threatened to score regularly, but it did not.

The goal of Pablo Sarabia went away, and Edinson Cavani attempted a free-kick and Mbappe shot 5 minutes into the first half. Cavani, when he first reacted to Tomas Koubek's jumble, poked from the inside of the 6-yard box and went closer before the break. Marquinhos followed Pablo Sarabia to the Rennes defender and his pass blocked Mbappe's goal.

Three minutes later, Sarabia unwittingly changed the ball that squeezed the ball from Mabape across Lebanon's goal. The PSG winner allowed Argentine Di Maria to open the scoring for Ander Herrera in the 61st minute.

Round three Grand Slam champion

Round three Grand Slam champion Andy Murray came closer to a single comeback after six months of hip surgery and won the doubles at the Jamie brothers and the ATP Washington Open. Murray will face France's Nicolas Mahut and Edouard Roger-Vasselin 6-4, 6-7 (7/9) and 10-5, respectively, for the first time since the Rio Olympics in 2016. Hit the US Open Tuning 8th place. up event. The level of tennis I thought was really good," said Andy Murray. "It seemed to have good points and a quick response.

Andy Murray is practicing singles and doubles as the world's number one (222nd), continuing his fight in his right hip surgery in January. A Scottish man feared he could retire before surgery. He returned to court in June, but went back to doubles while undergoing rehabilitation. Murray says, "I have no pain." I am not limiting myself in the scene of blows. I'm still a little slow.

Murray dropped out of Washington after tears broke out in pain and frustration after he was expelled on March 3 because of a 3: 1 victory in the rain. I did not know how much I was beating last year, it's great to be back and compete and I do not have any pain." The British Duo ran to 5-2 on a decisive super tie break, but Jamie Murray's service winner confirmed I pulled out eight points.

Andy, who started the rally with the backhand winner, added a backhand volley and pulled the Bali winner at the second final point. Murray responded better than expected on Monday with his ass, and Cincinnati was "very close" to a single return in two weeks. Murray said he is likely to wait until after the US Open if he does not play in Cincinnati, and he cautiously examines his luck for the fifth straight win.

Murray, who won the Grand Slam title in the 2012 US Open, 2013 and 2016 Wimbledon, recently won a single at the Australian Open in January, defeating Roberto Bautista Agut in the first round five sets. Murrays, who helped Britain win the Davis Cup in 2015, finished one hour and 51 minutes after declaring the first set against the French duo at the finals.

They will play for the semi-finals of New Zealand's third seed Michael Venus and South Africa's Raven Klaasen. Greece's top seed Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Roger Federer in the Australian Open semi-final, defeating US wild card Tommy Paul 6-3, 7-5, I entered the round.

Wimbledon champion and world number one

Wimbledon champion and world number one Novak Djokovic withdrew from the US Open Hard Court tuneup event next month in Montreal. He said he needed more rest after winning the 16th Grand Slam single crown. The 32-year-old Serbian, who won Roger Federer's eternal All-England Club final earlier this month, was 12th in Argentina and defeated ATP Masters Canada in 12th place. In a statement issued by Tennis Canada, Jockovich said: "I regret the decision to drop out of the Rogers Cup.

With the help of our team, I decided to give my body longer rest and recovery time. did. I like Canada and there are so many friends that I feel like I'm always at home and I am looking forward to playing in front of everyone in Montreal. Jocković's withdrawal means Spanish star Rafael Nadal (18-year-old Grand Slam single champion) will be the top sporting event in Montreal starting August 5.

Nadal recently defeated Stfanos Tsitsipas last year and took the Canadian crown four times. decisive. Djokovic alternated between Toronto and Montreal, alternating between Canada and Canada four times, twice in each city - Toronto in 2012 and 2016, and Montreal in 2007 and 2011, respectively. He was ousted by Greek star Tsitsipas in the third round in Toronto last year.

Eugene Lapierre, director of Montreal tournaments, said: "We would have liked Djokovic to have the opportunity to be the third champion in Montreal, but we understand his decision and quickly return him for the rest of the season. I hope. Del Potro was injured last month in Queen 's, received a right knee patellar operation and is being rehabilitated for frustration.

In the case of Del Port, we want him to get a quick recovery as he has suffered injuries in the past few years," Lapierre said. "We look forward to seeing him in court in the near future. Federer tried to take Montreal out of the Wimbledon final.

Kazakhstan 's Richard Gasquet and Mikhail Kukushkin will take two places in Montreal' s main stage as a result of Djokovic 's and Del Potro' s withdrawal.

Gas Network Caused a Red Flag Due to High Pressure

Gas Network Caused a Red Flag Due to High Pressure
The country 's gas network caused a' red flag 'due to high pressure. The authorities have been forced to drastically reduce the supply of domestic gas fields due to the decline in electricity demand and the development of hydroelectric power. Pakistan's National Oil Corporation (PSO), the largest importer of liquefied natural gas and imports, and Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) sought to involve energy ministers and the prime minister's office to address safety-related issues.

Financial costs for gas networks

Exchequer and international penalties. In two communications with the federal government, the PSO and SNGPL complained about lower than the promised gas volume in the electricity sector and warned about serious consequences. The tentative agreement reduces the supply of some domestic gas fields to prevent high - pressure accidents. Senior officials in the oil sector told us.

In a recent letter to the federal government on the weekend SNGPL complained that the electricity sector's average RLNG (regasified liquefied natural gas) consumption has remained at 714 mmcfd (one million cubic feet per day) since July 14. Demand for 828 mmcfd delivered from the power plant has been confirmed. Reduced consumption led to an increase in system packs of 4,925 mm cfd. It was the same on August 2nd.

Supply has been greatly reduced to protect the pipeline. The company added that the RLNG acquisition of the power sector fell further to 550 mmcfd on August 1, and with continued declining consumption, more packaging could be a disaster to the system and jeopardize the entire RLNG supply chain. The line pressure has increased due to the system pack and the red flag has risen in the network.

An official of the oil company said that the supply of Hassan, Kunji and Sui and the supply of SSGCL (Sui Southern Gas Company Limited) swap system were reduced to 400mmfcd in total to ensure safety. Supply in the Hassan and Koonj regions has been discontinued and supply in the Sui region has decreased from 75pc to 45mmcfd compared to the normal flow of 180mmcfd.

Including RLNG swap in SSGCL reduced total supply to SNGPL network by more than 30pc from 1340mmcfd to 945mmcfd. Therefore, SNGPL explains that RLNG-based power plants should be prioritized while assigning dispatch requirements for sustainability of the RLNG supply chain. The PSO, on the other hand, expressed dissatisfaction with financial and credit risks.

The PSA said

Instead of improving the gasification rate, the cargo is delayed due to cargo delays, and the situation is now out of control, putting tremendous expectations on all incoming cargo. Currently, Engro's Terminal 1 is running at approximately 540 mmcfd and may be more helpful in reducing or recovering previous lost capacity compared to the planned 600 mmcfd. The PSO said that as a result of the SNGPL's continued failure to commission offtakes.

The available discharge rate with the Engro terminal will be reduced, and the expected discharge rate will be kept at one-quarter of the normal rate, resulting in massive bombardment. Delaying cargo loading will have a cascading effect on future deliveries, and all cargo for a month in August 2019 is expected to result in heavy disturbances, now estimated at much higher than $ 150,000, "He added.

The PSO also warned that if immediate action is not taken, cargo arriving on August 15-16 may charge a "take or pay" charge, warning that the total cargo value will be approximately $ 30 million. Buyer (Pakistan) account without even receiving the product.

The PSO argued that the situation should develop as soon as the situation develops due to the low level of intervention in the power sector and that immediate improvements should be made in cooperation with the power division and the SNGPL.

In the meantime, SNGPL can avoid huge cost savings by switching to gas to another sector, reducing or suspending local supply, and taking every possible action on the battlefield.

Executive of the power department

Zargham Eshaq Khan, co-chief executive of the power department, refused to comment on the issue, but another official said the power sector supplied 850 mmcfd of gas in August and used mostly 90 pc during peak hours. He also said oil and gas companies should have the flexibility to absorb 10 to 15 percent of the gap in response to fluctuations in electricity demand. The problem is that the oil sector is incorrectly assuming a 1,130 mmcfd allocation for the power sector for a firm written request for 850 mm cfd.

An official said the power plants were hired in economic order. Hydropower is currently reaching 7,500-8,000 MW, which is the cheapest and can not reduce utilization because it is expensive. According to SNGPL, the weather forecast will continue to shrink RLNG consumption in the power sector because it has been rained on the four major consumption hubs of the SNGPL network. Also, according to historical trend, during Eid holidays, gas consumption is considerably reduced. 

This could add to system packs and pressure that could further adversely affect the RLNG and RLNG sources, which could interfere with the RLNG supply chain. Because SNGPL reported to the government that it could make full use of RLNG in the electricity sector during the summer due to the strong demand provided by the plant, there was room for LNG re-gasification or cargo re-sizing with firm intentions.

Because of the low consumption, system packs and pressure can ultimately result in huge financial losses in the form of a fan, and it is very important to prevent the ongoing consumption of RLNG in response to the demands of the power sector. The financial losses caused by low consumption of the sector depend on the calculation of the power department.

The Indus River Systems Authority

On Monday, the Indus River Systems Authority (Irsa) accused climate change for a rapid water shortage that lasted until June. But since July, the situation has improved and there are enough water in the province. Unfortunately, this year the mercury could not reach its highest level since there was little water in the rivers until June 15. But since then, the water level has started to improve, "Irdsa member Sindh Mazhar Ali Shah said in a briefing to the Senate's National Food Safety Standing Committee.

The meeting was held at the Pakistani Muslim League - Functional Senator Syed Muzaffar Hussain Shah in the parliamentary meeting room. The chairman said there was a sharp water shortage in Sindh in June and July, and cotton cultivation was severely affected in Sanghar, Mirpurkhas and Badin. Most farmers suffered from water shortages this year," he said. But Mazhar insisted that the problem was until June 15th.

Since then, as the water began to reach the end of the river, the situation improved. PM approves project for Sind's water problem. In the month of July, we had more water than we needed, and now the Taberla dam is almost full," he said. "There is a little water in the dam, but more rain will fill it," he said.

The committee was informed that the total production of cotton would be 95.5pc since the 100% target will not be achieved because the State Food Safety Department produces a lot of cotton but Punjab achieves 95pc and Sind will achieve 96pc. The chairman of the committee suggested that if the 100pc target could not be achieved, there would be a problem with all Pakistan Textile Mills Association and the government would take steps to increase cotton production.

Farmers can borrow up to 4 million rupees

Entrepreneurs can borrow tens of millions of rupees from banks, but farmers can borrow up to 4 million rupees, even if they own 200 acres of land. We have to pay for other services. The amount of the loan on land should be modified, "he suggested. Representative Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) said that during the last financial year, Rs 15 billion was allocated for loans and Rs 1.8 billion was allocated for the current fiscal year.

A ZTBL spokesman said that during the past fiscal year, loans were restored by 92 percent. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday approved the proposed project by Water Minister Faisal Vawda and President of the Water & Power Development Authority retired Muzamil Hussain to solve the Sindh water issue.

According to the PM Secretariat press release, Khan nodded, presiding over the country's water and water issues. Mohammad Ashraf, Water Secretary and other senior officials also attended the meeting. The Secretary of Water will soon officially announce the project.

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos
Amazon Inc is expanding its shipping arrangements to ensure that it does little to do everything needed to build a car. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos did not publicly comment on the company's ambitions in this area, but he hopes to leverage Amazon's strengths in logistics, cloud computing, and digital services with new interests in the robotics field There is.

More than 20 people, including Reuters analysis

More than 20 people, including Reuters analysis of Amazon's patent activity, including Amazon executives and industry executives familiar with the strategy. With these new investments and alliances moving up and down the automotive supply chain, hiring key automotive industry veterans and building a strong patent portfolio, Amazon is in a position to challenge corporate customers and partners, from Urug Technologies Inc.

Businesses such as Amazon Web Services and Amazon's implementation began with internal efforts to reduce costs and improve efficiency, and have since expanded into corporate customers. However, some companies that work closely with Amazon are at risk of losing business to online retailers as the business of online specialty retailers grows, according to some professional analysts and industry insiders.

Our customers are very scared about moving to Amazon's dashboard, said John Ellis, a transportation consultant at Ford Motor Company and a global technologist. Consumers are less interested in horsepower, Ned Curic, former Toyota Motor Corp, who was recruited by Amazon to oversee Alexa Auto in 2017, will be more interested in streaming the service, "You really will not mind if you are in Ford or Chrysler or Chevrolet or BMW.

The administrator added in a written response to Reuters, the company added, "We are always looking for ways to more closely integrate Amazon services if the Amazon service will bring value to our customers.

Patent office

For more than 5,000 patents granted by the US Patent Office to Amazon from December 2016 through May 2019, Rottwell pointed out that there are more than 210 patents covering shipping-related topics from drones to automated ground vehicles. Automotive patent applications are ahead of competitors Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc. His sister company Waymo is a pioneer in self-driving.

Amazon is a potential competitor to Uber, Lyft Inc and Waymo, and a number of patents related to passenger transport, including the 2017 patent, which provides on-demand transportation services through a driving vehicle network for key automotive customer factors. VW, Ford, General Motors Patents do not always evolve into specific business and processes, Amazon said.

Like many companies, we submit a number of forward-looking patent applications that explore all the possibilities of new technology," he said. Patents will take years to be received and current developments will not necessarily be reflected in products and services. Said in a statement. Amazon's patent support for transportation-related investments is on the rise.

Since February, we have joined other major investors supporting $ 2 billion in three well-known entrepreneurs, such as electric car maker Rivian Automotive, self-drive system developer Aurora and food delivery company Deliveroo. Over the past two years, Amazon has built a transportation ecosystem by acquiring three Dispatch, Canvas and Tapzo companies and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in more than nine companies, including the Indian company Shuttle.

Commuters can help you find a seat on the bus. Amazon business partners in this area include automotive suppliers such as Aptiv, Panasonic Corp and Nvidia Corp, large carriers such as Uber and Avis, and Embark, a self-driving large truck startup, and TuSimple in China.

Industrial Cloud

The company is rapidly expanding its business with corporate customers through the $ 33 billion Amazon Web Services division. Especially this year through two major cloud-based initiatives with Ford and VW. Strategic alliance with VW, including German supplier Siemens AG, aims to operate a manufacturing plant in 122 factories worldwide and create a "digital industry-linked" industrial connection with up to 30,000 supplier factories, according to Jonathan Allen AWS Provides professional services in the global automotive business.

In March, Volkswagen said AWS cloud-based services, including machine learning and data analysis, will help automakers "increase plant efficiency and uptime, increase production flexibility and improve vehicle quality." AWS provides a platform for business customers such as BMW, Toyota, Avis and Formula One, the fastest growing company on Amazon, to manage, analyze and, in some cases, generate revenue.

Gavin Sherry, CEO of Ford Autonomic Web Services, said that with Autonomic and Ford, you can learn a lot from Amazon, which builds a cloud-based platform for the transportation industry. We have the relationships, the trust and the know-how we need to realize our vision," he said. Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa (Alexa), has a leading role in driving cars inside the company.

Amazon has worked with several automotive companies to integrate Alexa into their vehicles and deal with GM, Ford, Volvo and Honda Motor Co Ltd to provide online orders to their owners. Our goal is to get Alexa into as many cars as possible, with direct integration with Alexa's built-in car accessories or car maker," Curic said.

We have a lot to do. We're taking Alexa to more vehicles and accessories, building Alexa's new features, and launching our own automotive product, EchoOct. Electric cars are also part of Amazon's strategy to connect homes to the network at the moment. 

Amazon supplies household charging systems for Audi's e-tron medium-sized electric SUVs. This could be a vehicle fleet management step, said Stephan Keese, partner at Roland Berger.