McNamee Prepares Meals At A Comfortable Time

As a personal chef, McNamee prepares meals at a comfortable time of the week as a potential customer for Tony Country Club. Ferraris and Porsches are dotted in the parking lot. Members include Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. McNamee cooked in exclusive clubs around the world.

Lake Washington not far from Gates home

However, he is sometimes overwhelmed by the scale of the wealth around Seattle. When visiting a prospective customer at a house in Lake Washington not far from Gates' home, McNamee saw an indoor pool, two kitchens, a jerk and artwork illustrations. It was one of the only hours of imprisonment in the American labor community," he said. One of the fastest growing professions of the last decade is what David Autor, an economics professor at MIT, calls "a secondary" that meets the voices and desires of a wealthy family.

The trend is consistent with the longest record in the United States this month, more than 10 years old. Growth succession and subsequent surge in the stock market led to the wealthiest households occupying more of America's wealth before the 2007 recession began. In contrast, only 2% of the increase in wealth came to the bottom half of the population. Most "sideline" jobs are not as attractive as McNamee. But they are growing fast. The number of massage therapists has more than doubled over the past decade.

So are manicure and pedicurists. The number of individual chefs such as McNamee has increased five-fold. The category mainly consists of walking and trimming is up to 60pc. Now you can get a college degree in dog training and management. Economists, however, point out that most so-called wealthy jobs do not help workers or the economy as much as traditional employment.

Most of the rich are self-employed and lack the health insurance, retirement plans and other benefits that their employers provide. They often receive relatively low wages, and income tends to fluctuate depending on income levels. They do not have many opportunities to learn new skills, receive advanced training, and climb up the career ladder.

Mark Muro, a senior researcher at the Brookings Institution

They contribute to this anxiety and anxious moments," said Mark Muro, a senior researcher at the Brookings Institution. "Muro, from exclusively analyzed data for the Associated Press, It is estimated that there will be an increase in the number of wealthy workers to 3.2 million per year in 2006. They have grown faster than traditional jobs such as sales, education, manufacturing and office management work.

Their wages averaged about $ 36,000 in 2017, This is a much lower figure. At the same time, rich work was an important source of jobs and income, especially for people without a university degree. Autor and Anna Salomons from Utrecht University wrote in the newspaper earlier this year. These tasks are free from the threat of automation and outsourcing because of the need for personal interaction.

Lucas Puente, chief economist at Thumbtack, an online small business market, says," You can not find you on a Chinese weight scale. However, occupations requiring interpersonal skills such as nursing tend to remain unbalanced by women. Muro estimates that about 60% of all workers are women, compared to about half of all workers. This means that men are not fully involved in the area of ​​rapid employment growth.

The main driving force behind the growth of these jobs is the expansion of the upper middle class. According to the Census Bureau, nearly 8pc of US households earned $ 200,000 a year in 2017. That figure is slightly higher than 6 percent in 2007, adjusted for inflation. Sue Forrest (58 years old) has hired three private chefs to prepare a party, visit his home, cook a week's worth of food, freeze and reheat.

North Carolina

Forrest works as a graphic designer at her home in Durham, North Carolina. Her husband, George, is a consultant to the utility company. The business has flourished and has grown," she said, making it reasonable for her family to spend money on chefs. The rich are more common in large metropolitan areas where customers gather. Therefore, they are more likely to contribute to widening the economic gap between the liveliest metropolitan areas and small towns and rural areas.

Muro calculates that the occupation of the rich will be one more than the other big cities in their 20s. There is only 15pc in a small town or rural area. Of course, one thing that can slow the growth of these jobs is another recession. A plunge in the stock market will reduce the wealth of wealthy Americans.

Nicholas Smith, a personal trainer in San Francisco, said he would try to prevent high-income workers from lowering prices rather than relying on the rich. Still, he has no illusions. I am extravagant," Smith said. "If the economy collapses, it will be the first thing to do.
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