Number of Cabinet Ministers has Now Grown to 18

Syed Murad Ali's new prime minister expanded his cabinet by appointing four new ministers and two advisers. The governor of Imran Ismail vowed to four ministers, including priests Nasir Hussein Shah, Abdul Bari Pifapi, Ikaram Dali and Sophia Anwar Sial, at a brief ceremony held at the governor's residence. The number of cabinet ministers has now grown to 18.

Shah and Pitafi resigned from the Cabinet last month

When they were part of the Sindh Cabinet and resigned from the campaign of Sardar Muhammad Bux Mahar. NA-205 electoral district. Dharejo, re-elected as a PPP ticket in the 2018 general election, was part of Syed Murad Ali Shah's former cabinet minister before the general election in 2018 and maintained his co-operative portfolio with his brother Saifullah Khan. Dharejo, who was the irrigation minister.

Prior to the general election in 2018, Siyal served as interior minister and agriculture minister in the Cabinet of Murad Ali Shah. After the ceremony, Sindh's Secretary General Mumtaz Ali Shah announced that CM has approved the appointment of two advisors, Nisar Khuhro and Syed Aijaz Shah Shirazi. Nisar Khuhro and Aijaz Shirazi take as assistant to CM

The number of CM advisors has increased to four. Currently, Murtaza Wahab and Aijaz Jakhrani have been on the advisory board of CMs for legal, information and anti-corruption and detention. More than 4,600 NGOs to be canceled. The Sindic Cabinet has decided to cancel the registration of 4,693 non-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations (NGOs and NPOs) that do not comply with government regulations.

Barrister Murtaza Wahab, an information advisor, said, "The cabinet at the meeting has decided to cancel the registration of NGOs and NPOs that do not obey the rules and regulations of the Sindh government. The NGOs and NPOs did not respond to the department and reported that they did not comply with the rules.

Reporter briefing after Cabinet

At a meeting led by Minister Shed Murad Ali Shah, he said the Sindh financial regulations were revised to ensure transparency. The Cabinet decided to exclude 'ghost' pension recipients from their records through biometric identification of all pensioners. The Cabinet also approved draft legislation that would authorize the appointment of a local ombudsman instead of the governor. Wazam said the main ministers of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had already enjoyed the same authority.

Citing the current rampant blackout in Karachi, he said the Sindh cabinet strongly condemned K-Electric's performance when Karachi's recent rain fell. He said the Cabinet has discussed a specific MOU between federal and local governments on various financial issues. He said the surplus budget is only available to the Sindh government if the federal government delivers all the guarantee funds on time.

He added that Islamabad would have to pay Rs 80 crore to Sindh, demanding that the center immediately pay long delinquency funds to the provincial government. He said the Cabinet has decided to further expand the phase-II discovery of the Thar coal project conducted by Sindh Engro coal mining company. The Thar power subsidy is awarded by the local government and has decided to supply free electricity to 2,700 Islamkot households that use 100 a month.

Only about 1,800 families will pay for units that spend more than 100 years from August. He said he decided to conduct a detailed investigation of Islam Kottaluka to supply electricity to the deprived areas. Sindh Bank-Sindh Leasing Company Merger. The Cabinet also decided to provide Rs 3 billion to Sindh Bank as Wahab had argued.

The position of Sindh Bank

He said the cabinet also decided to change the position of Sindh Bank. He said the Sindh government has decided to resolve the plight of the bank and the Cabinet has also decided to merge Sindh Bank and Sindris. Courthouse lawyer Wahab said CM has formed a committee to evaluate renewal of old building leases in the old part of Karachi.

He also assessed that the CM formed a committee of local government ministers and his legal advisers to eliminate the rampant invasion by transferring full power to the relevant executives of the Malir Development Authority. He said that the authority for MDA officials will be sanctioned under the Sindh Public Property Removal of Encroachment Act-2010.

He said the cabinet had discussed the school education roadmap in detail. In addition, the Cabinet has also decided to establish at least two model schools in each region of the province. We have also decided to merge all schools with one or two rooms.

Board test conducted in open grounds

In addition, the Cabinet approved the idea of ​​conducting and monitoring public quarantine via CCTV cameras. Similarly, inspection sheet inspection is also monitored by CCTV cameras. Wahhab, Pakistan, said the Cabinet has expressed strong reservations about "Pakistani medical and dental committees interfering with the state's work. After the 18th amendment is passed, health and education issues are a matter for the state and the Sindh government will not hesitate to fight against PMDC unless it withdraws illegal decisions," he said.

He said the Cabinet has expressed a serious reservation on the proposed amendment to the constitution submitted by MNA Kishwar Zehra and four other lawmakers on the removal of Constitution Article 239 (4) and the establishment of a new province. "The Cabinet refused this offer. He said the cabinet would extend the deadline for computerization of gun licenses by December 31 and seize weapons with non-computerized weapons.

He also said that the Cabinet approved the amendment to the Sindh Local Government Act and that the conspiracy of Surjani Town will be assigned to the Green Line bus project. The Cabinet also approved the installation of CCTV cameras at 253 locations, including all the sacred places of the community practicing minority religions. This rule has been decided to be relaxed in order to win a contract to install a CCTV camera on National Radio Telecommunication Corporation.

Baris and Hab have expressed complaints about the scandal involving Sindh police. Sindh police actually bought 85,000 rupees and estimated the actual value to be Rupees 45,000. He said the Cabinet also abolished 3 percent sales tax on print media. At the beginning of the ministerial meeting, CM Murad Ali Shah and ministers "strongly condemned the brutality and use of mass bombs by the Indian government in occupied Kashmir.

The Cabinet appealed to the United Nations and rights groups around the world to pay attention to the use of brutal violence by the Indian government in Kashmir," the Cabinet asked the federal government to summon the Indian High Commissioner and show Pakistan's anger over the incident, Wahab said.
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