Oil and Gas Regulators on Monday

Oil and gas regulators (Ogra) on Monday prohibited the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by all public service vehicles (PSVs), including school vans, and "the safety and life of the public. The CNG Owners Association began cracking down on public service vehicles passing through the M-1 and M-2 highways after the ban came into effect, and the CNG Owners Association pledged to appeal the case.

Minister Ogra has announced

The Punjab government and the Sindh government have made recommendations in accordance with Sindh High Court in a letter to the Ministry of Energy, the State Administration, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government, the Chief Police Officer and the CNG Association. All stakeholders are expected to comply with letter and spiritual decisions," Ogra told the state and highway police inspector, "Begin to crack down on all PSVs with CNG cylinders in passenger compartments to save. It means the precious life of innocent passengers traveling with such a PSV.

In addition to PSV's CNG ban, Ogra said, "LPG cylinders are completely banned from transit vehicles and all vehicles found with LPG cylinders must be handled properly by law enforcement agencies. The Punjab government has recently suffered a serious fire accident in PSV, especially high-vans (vintage / new) due to unauthorized placement in PSV, in the Ovig and Pakistan's Hydrocarbon Development Institute (HDIP).

Therefore, the provincial government has asked Ogra to prohibit the use of Gaston over public transportation. The Punjab government stated that "the design mentioned by Ogra in past orders on the number and location of cylinders as Hiace van fuel tanks was incompatible with Rule 199 (Fuel Tank) of Automobile Rule 1969 and Compressed Natural Gas" Compromise the safety and comfort of the 1992 passengers.

Transport Secretary Punjab said

HDIP should hold workshops in all regions to check the quality of PSV's kits and cylinders, but the workshops are not operational or required expertise in this area. The recent accidents at the Sohawa (Jhelum) and Rawalpindi toll booths showed that LPG was used instead of LNG and that there were more than two cylinders under the passenger seats. It is therefore advisable to immediately prohibit the use of all types of gas as fuel and the installation of gas cylinders in all PSVs to avoid unpleasant future events and save precious human lives.

The supervisory authority said in a June 19 order from the SHC, The district executive committee has ordered the district executive committee to fulfill its responsibilities in accordance with the reference conditions mentioned in the Sindh government notice in order to avoid inappropriate accidents / accidents. The agency agrees with the request to ban CNG / LPG cylinders in public service vehicles to ensure the safety of passengers and to avoid unpleasant accidents / accidents," the Ogura letter said.

In a letter, Ora will strictly enforce all laws and regulations (Rule I99 of MV Rule 1969) on all highway police officers and inspectors, remove CNG cylinders immediately from all PSVs involved in all road construction, I asked. order. To ensure the safety of innocent children using CNG fuel and cylinders, a private vehicle, a school van, would not be allowed under any circumstances, the mediator said.

Court battle

Former Pakistani CNG Association (APCNGA) threatened the courts to challenge the government's decision to ban cylinders at PSV as highway police and the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICR) administration began cracking down on such vehicles. Ghyas Paracha, APCNGA's central leader, said highway police are illegal to prohibit PSV's entry into the highway.

We will challenge the court," he said. He said PSV had no right to ban cylinder use as Ogra agreed to install two cylinders in Hiace in 2013. He said PSV could install a cylinder on the roof. Ogra only asked to remove the cylinder inside the vehicle.

He said there are about 500,000 PSVs that completely ban CNG in cars, which means that CNG cylinders run on the road and CNG destroys the CNG sector. Paracha argued that the ban on CNG cylinders was a plot of a petroleum mafia to re-fuel markets.
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