The First Iron Ore Mill in Korea Established at Chiniot

The first iron ore mill in Korea, established at Chiniot, listed four potential projects in the country for investment in Saudi Arabia. It can be recalled that Pakistan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for economic cooperation in mineral resources.

MOU signed MOUs and MOUs of $ 20 billion

MOU signed MOUs and MOUs of $ 20 billion on February 17, 2019 at the ceremony held at the prime minister for technical support for hydroelectric power plants, refinery construction, petrochemical plants, sports promotion and standardization fields. . A visit to the house of Prince Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia.

Officials said they had selected four projects from a pile of proposals submitted by Azad Jammu, Kashmir and Gashgit-Baltistan governments at a high-level meeting in Islamabad last month. The center asked the province to share four final project plans before the visit to the Saudi delegation The marathon was attended by Shahzad Syed Qasim, a special assistant prime minister for marketing and development resource coordination and 24 senior officials from federal and provincial departments.

According to a copy of the minutes gathered by Dawn, detailed reviews of the determinants, including the potential of the resource, the current status of each prospect, and the interest drawn by the Saudi side, were followed to create an initial appeal list for the four projects. The project will include the establishment of a steel mill based in Chiniot (Punjab) and Chagai (Balochistan) based on iron ore.

The Punjab Mineral Company, Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC) and Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) were asked to jointly submit project proposals. The proposed facility will also consider the use of native coal. The second item is to develop the BME's Barite-Lead-Zinc project in Balochistan and the PMDC and MCC Huaye Duddar Mining Company's Duddar Lead-Zinc project to build a processing plant / metal refinery. China.

The surface gasification of Thar coal is the third item Sindh Energy has requested to prepare the proposal. The last item is the development and development of metal mineral resources in the Chagai region except for Reko Diq and Saindak. The Balochistan Mine and Mineral Development Department will provide concept papers on the desired lines that clearly describe the proposed geographic area and mode of operation.

Chair emphasized early action

The Chair emphasized early action by provincial and other organizations interested in the project and asked them to share a comprehensive presentation with the oil sector for subsequent announcement to the Saudi side. According to the sources, the initial four projects are based on a combination of opportunities, technologies and locations, geology, ore types, mine reserves (projected and proven), mine life expectancy, hydrology, road access, communications, electricity grid connectivity.

The target market and potential customers (local, regional and international), the size and expected returns of the investment, the possible structures of projects, opportunities, federal and state laws (eg land use, access rights and concessions). It was decided that all other projects would be selected for Saudi investment based on the same criteria.

Sources said Saudi Arabia's delegation was expected to announce the possibility of cooperation with Pakistan's delegation. They said that Saudi Arabia's Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources has asked Pakistan to provide the full technical, financial and infrastructure for potential projects in the mining sector to obtain information on Saudi private sector entities.

They said the relevant local departments and public sector agencies were asked to provide project proposals and investment opportunities. This meeting is designed to discuss and finalize the projects that can be submitted to the Saudi delegation.

According to the minutes

The chairman of the PMDC Board of Directors informed the participants about the proven mining and processing expertise and capabilities of Ma'aden (a Saudi government-owned mining company) in the metal mining sector. We also support large-scale venture companies in Pakistan.

They were informed that the real beneficiaries of Saudi investment would be local governments and, from a constitutionally mandated standpoint, should prepare comprehensive proposals in international standards to attract and exploit this opportunity for mineral exploitation. The Chair proposed personal assistance at the federal level in this regard.

PM reform team members also emphasized the need for banking proposals that provide all the basic financial details necessary to make investment decisions. He said that the minerals-rich Balochistan's aspirations of the people / public representatives should be fully considered in relation to the local exploitation of the metal resources to the final exploitation and final purification stage.

Ali Zaidi, Marine Minister of the United Nations, said

He wants to show that it is possible for the federal government to clean up the city when it starts to drive clean Karachi. He spoke to the press and supporters at the start of the federal government-led campaign to clean up the metro, the first goal of eliminating all rainwater drainage before Eidul Azha. We want to clean [Karachi] and show that we can clean this city," he said. Zaidi said in a comment to the PPP-led Sindh government.

Let's make [waste] zero, then we can keep it, spend less money in Dubai and keep the city. The Federal Minister said at least 15,000 volunteers hope to register for the campaign today. After registration, Zaidi said the volunteers would be divided into districts and the two teams would work. Zaid thanked the Pakistani army for deploying Frontier Works Organization (FWO) units for the campaign and added that the 'Clean Karachi' drive will be in two stages.

Speaking to the ceremony, Karim said that Karim was not receiving the resources he deserved. Where does the income from taxation in Karachi go to? Akhtar said, referring to the stronghold of PPP. The cleanliness issue in Karachi has often been criticized by the PPP-led Sindh government because it has been in control over the province for the last eleven years and enjoys the management control of major civil organizations.

The Karachi Water and Wastewater Commission and Sindh Solid Waste Management I will. Board and SIND building control authorities. Akhtar of MQM-P added to Zaidi that he wrote a letter about the matter. He thanked Imran Khan and the Federal Chancellor for launching the campaign and asked all parties to stay "above political".

The 'clean Karachi' drive is initiated under the direction of the prime minister through close partnerships with federal agencies such as the Muttahida Qaumi movement-led local government and the FWO and the National Logistics Cell.

On Saturday

Zaidi officially briefed the press on plans and action for the next two weeks at a press conference at his office in the Karachi Port Trust Building. In the first stage we will remove all rainwater drainage in the city," he said. "According to Prime Minister Imran Khan's instructions, he said that whatever was clear of the city. We are determined and moving in a very positive approach," said Wasim Akhtar, vice president of Karachi, and all the PTI MPAs and MNAs to achieve their goals.

Last night I saw a news channel that Sindh told me he would contact me to extend his support, but that has not happened yet. Prime Minister Zaid said on the day that the Sind government had ordered that Karachi could not be neutralized for a long time.
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