US President Donald Trump Responded Strongly

US President Donald Trump responded strongly to two gunfire last weekend, accusing white geniuses of extremism and racism, claiming that the mass killer should be executed quickly. Facing a blizzard accusing him of his anti-immigrant investigation sparking radicalism throughout the country, Trump used the White House's live address to blame the racists for being unusually racist.

Our nation should condemn racism

Our nation should condemn racism, narrowness, and white supremacy," he added, adding that he had instructed the FBI to use all resources to deal with "hate crimes and domestic terrorism. Trump 's remarks on the massacres of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, were significantly different from his usual lines of minimizing the risk of white supremacist attacks. The emergence of an anti-immigrant screed by a Texas criminal has enthusiastically reiterated Trump's own campaign speech on "aggression" across the US-Mexican border.

A gunshot wound killed 20 people at the crowded Wal-Mart in El Paso, killing nine people in Dayton's famous nightlife area in 13 hours. Allen, a 21-year-old near Dallas, surrendered to the police outside El Paso Walmart. The American press has identified him as a white man, Patrick Crusius. Cruzius said the attack was "a response to the Hispanic Texas invasion", referring to Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, and in March a white gunman killed 51 mosque worshipers.

Trump has offered little in the way of enhancing access to powerful weapons that are routinely used in large-scale shooting at more frequent US accesses. He opened Twitter early on Monday, which he believes should increase background checks at the time of purchase, but did not mention it in his speech. He also abandoned another proposal that the prime ministerial reform proposal should be linked to changes in immigration law.

Trump said he supports a "timely" bill that allows authorities to confiscate weapons from people who present significant risks. But his overwhelming focus was on psychosis. Mental illness was the culprit of a riot by a seriously armed criminal in schools, businesses and stores.

We must reform the mental health law and make sure that individuals who have suffered mental confusion for violence are better identified and treated, as well as involuntarily imprisoned if necessary," said Trump spokesman. "Psychosis and hatred pull the trigger, not the gun.

Trump said the perpetrator had to face a death penalty in nearly half of the country and said, "This death sentence should be delivered promptly and decisively and without unnecessary delays for many years.

The United States and the Taliban

The United States and the Taliban have "made excellent progress" in recent talks on a peace treaty in Doha, Afghanistan's ambassador to Washington said on Monday. The eighth round of talks aimed at dissolving historic agreements to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan was held in Qatar on Saturday. In return, the United States is asking the Taliban not to use the Taliban as a safe haven for al Qaeda and other jihadist groups.

We have made great progress in Kabul last week and spent the last few days in Doha, focusing on the remaining issues in closing the potential talks with the Taliban. "Envoy Jalmay Khalilad was on Twitter. We will be able to withdraw troops based on the situation," he said. "We made excellent progress. The Taliban did not immediately respond to requests to comment on the progress of the talks.

Khalilzad said he is "flying to New Delhi for a scheduled meeting to build an international consensus to support the Afghan peace process. Negotiations between the rebels can pave the way for a direct dialogue between the government of the Afghan government, Ashraf Ghani. Though the insurgents consider his government illegal.

Our team and Taliban delegates will continue to discuss the technical details, steps and mechanisms necessary for the successful implementation of the four sector agreements that we have been working on since the promise," Khalilzad said. An agreement on this detail is essential," the US envoy added.

The four pillars of negotiations are the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the pledge of militants without jihad shelters, the dialogue in Afghanistan, and the truce.

We're talking

The United States accused the Taliban of attacking Afghanistan in 2001 and hiding Al Qaeda militants on charges that 911 killed 3,000 people in the United States. But despite the earlier conclusions of the existing war phases, the Taliban raided the US military over the years and caused tremendous revolts. Washington wants to sign a peace deal with the Taliban by the end of this month ahead of the Afghan presidential election scheduled for September 28th.

US President Donald Trump told a news conference in the White House last week, "We've made a lot of progress. But even as the US and the Taliban reach agreement, there remains a massive question to follow. The US insisted that the withdrawal of its troops was "conditional", while the Taliban had to withdraw foreign troops thoroughly before fulfilling their commitments.

The US government has entered into a peace agreement with the Afghan government and has reached an agreement with the Taliban as a pioneer of resistance. The Afghan government has set up a negotiating team for negotiations with insurgents who could hope for diplomats later this month.

The United Nations announced that the rate of civilian casualties in Afghanistan was the highest ever for the first time in history for the first time ever. More than 1,500 civilians were killed or injured in July due to the clash, the highest monthly toll ever to 2019, and the most deadly month since May 2017.
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